Breathe CA interviews Dr. Higashi M.D., Ph.D, on the current Tuberculosis Climate of California

Breathe California, a local organization that fights lung disease, advocates for clean air, and advances public health; began as the TB Society over 100 years ago.   Today, Breathe California continues to fight tuberculosis in our community today.   As part of the Tuberculosis Partnership (TPP) Breathe California works to identify strategic issues impacting TB at the local level and assists in developing strategies to prevent TB and future outbreaks.   California has the highest number of TB cases, making it an important area of lung health for us to continue to address.  Despite the considerable progress in controlling TB cases, we must remain persistent

With world TB day approaching, Breathe Califonia Golden Gate Health Partnership focuses the March 2013 podcast on the current TB climate in California.  Joining us today is Julie Higashi M.D., Ph.D, President of the California Tuberculosis Controllers Association and TB Controller.